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Is Structural Energetic Therapy® training for you?

Structural Energetic Therapy training is for healthcare professionals who are interested in mastering advanced deep tissue techniques and skills that are integrated throughout the training with the Cranial/Structural releases that make this work so powerful! 

You will learn detailed protocols developed by Don McCann to rehabilitate painful conditions of the low back including scoliosis, head, neck and shoulder areas, and nerve entrapment symptoms of the shoulder, arm and hands, as well as addressing painful conditions of the foot and leg, hiatal hernias, TMJ, and so much more. 

You will also be able to take your clients through the process of unwinding through various sub-patterns resulting from the core distortion and its compensations found in the structure and soft tissue restrictions throughout the body and cranium. Included in this training is a segment on releasing emotional energy for your clients, and throughout the training the emotional component of all the structural patterns is highlighted.

The skills and techniques that you will learn are advanced deep tissue protocols and Cranial/Structural therapy – your only pre-requisite is that you have graduated from a 500-hour massage therapy program OR be licensed to touch, and be willing to commit to an incredible journey of personal growth and expansion of your skills.