How is Structural Energetic Therapy Different?

Structural Energetic Therapy® is the only therapy that releases the spiral twist in the body back into weight bearing support relieving the stresses on joints, spine, and discs that lead to pain and dysfunction. We apply specialized myofascial (muscles and connective tissue) protocols to release myofascial holding patterns that maintain the distortions. We also use energetic healing techniques to release energetic and emotional blockages creating pain, distortions, and dysfunction.

 Who Do We Help

People in pain! The spiral twist in the body (core distortion) affects everybody. Weaknesses throughout the body can be linked back to this distortion in the body. If you want to return to normal life activities, even if you have severe pain, are facing surgery, or have lost hope, Structural Energetic Therapy® can help you.

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Who We Are


Structural Energetic Therapy is a maximum rehabilitation modality for acute and chronic pain and dysfunction. It is the integration of the Cranial/Structural techniques with specialized deep tissue protocols developed by Don McCann.


What is the Core Distortion?


The foundation of Structural Energetic Therapy is releasing the ‘core distortion’ and freeing the body to heal itself. The Core Distortion is a spiral twist in the body that has an anterior/posterior rotation of the iliums and tipped sacrum producing the lack of weight bearing support for the spine. This creates weaknesses and imbalances throughout the whole body.

Cranial/Structural Energetics


Cranial/Structural Energetics is an advanced energy therapy. It utilizes the energy from a Higher Power and the torsion field of the heart to focus incredible healing energy. By using special relationships and metaphors in the body this healing energy produces healing where other methods have failed. Distance is no deterrent as distance healing is as effective as hands on healing using Cranial/Structural Energetics.

Structural Energetic Therapy

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