Matthew Doolin, LMT, SET*

Matthew Doolin LMT SET Structural Energetic Therapist Tampa Florida



Matthew Doolin is a Professional Dancer with the Tampa City Ballet. During his career of 15+ years, he found his second passion for helping others. He has been practicing bodywork since 2017. His classical training, artistic development, and Bachelor of Arts in Dance Pedagogy from Butler University work in symphony with Structural Energetic Therapy, giving him a very unique lens to his practice.

Matthew became a licensed Neuromuscular Therapist in San Francisco from the National Holistic Institute, while working as a freelance dancer in 2017. Matthew began studying Cranial/Structural Energetics and Structural Energetic Therapy in order to reach his client’s needs for long term rehabilitation. Matthew is a practitioner of Active Isolated Stretching and has taught physical rehabilitation to adults for the past five years.

He currently collaborates with the Tampa City Ballet, working as their Therapist, Wellness Educator and Artist. He offers a seated chair class and beginning ballet class to improve the energetic and physical bodies of their Adult program. Matthew brings a wealth of knowledge as an Artist, Educator, and Therapist to his clients. His greatest inspiration is his Mother; Head Nurse of Critical Care and survivor of seven open heart surgeries.