Unlocking the Sports Potential & Advanced Kinesiology and Cranial Relationships to the Body

The FSMTA has postponed this program until 2024 due to understaffing issues.

We hope you come enjoy this course at:

2024 FSMTA Sports Intensive | Florida State Massage Therapist Association (FSMTA)
Instructor:  Don McCann, MA, LMT, LMHC, CSETT
Date and Location:  TBD

This four-hour combination of lecture and hands-on instruction is a must for therapists who work with athletes of any kind.  This course will show you how to delicately release the distortions in your client’s cranium that relate directly to the spinal distortions which cause both pain and muscle dysfunction.  Go beyond cranial sacral and learn how Cranial/Structural therapy can return balance and strength, and unlock hidden potential.  Using applied kinesiology and functional muscle testing, you can make sure the therapy is working immediately after application.  Reverse pelvic rotations, undo TMJ jamming and help your clients achieve the best athletic performance that they can!  Learn from the developer of this incredible modality, Don McCann, during this special course.

Includes two hours of hands-on instruction.


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Oct 01 2024