Successfully Treating Hip Degeneration

Jim, a 63 year old heavy equipment operator, is referred for treatment with severe pain in his right hip which the doctor said is from hip degeneration due to arthritis.  The x-rays show a thinning of the cartilage and calcium deposits causing a malformation of the hip socket.  The orthopedic surgeon told him when the pain was severe enough to come back for a total hip replacement and put him on pain medication. The pain that was radiating down his leg was along the sciatic nerve pathway.

An Alternative to Knee Surgeries

It is interesting to note that almost any knee that has had even minor injuries will have deposits in the knee joint or other conditions which can be very successfully treated without surgery. Massage therapists who do advanced structural work are usually well trained to observe and treat the imbalances in the knee joint in relation to the whole leg and body structure, as well as the muscular conditions that cause the painful symptoms.

A Different Perspective

Case Study: Jack, a 73-year old, was referred for treatment. His intake and health history form showed that he was facing some serious problems. He wanted to enjoy his retirement, to be able to travel, and to enjoy doing things with his wife. I’ve included a list of Jack’s health challenges and the medical interventions that he has endured in his lifetime. We will then look at all of these conditions with a different perspective that could have changed the whole course of his life.