Improved Brain Function for the Elderly with Cranial Structural Therapy

Osteopaths discovered the effectiveness of manual cranial therapy for medical applications in the early 1900’s.  They used light pressure on the cranium to evaluate the cranial motion encouraging it back into its normal ranges of motion to reduce congestion and release the restrictions in its normal range of motion. 

The Cranial Connection to Headaches — The Perfect Fit!

If you are a massage therapist who treats clients with headaches, but are not including the cranium in your treatment, you are missing a significant cause of your clients’ headaches and may not be able to achieve long term resolution. 

Effective, Non-Invasive, Treatment for Concussions

Today there is a great deal of attention in the media and in athletics in general focusing on concussions.  Many athletes are sustaining multiple concussions and are consequently losing major parts of their seasons as well as having major challenges in their lives while recovering.  Unfortunately, for many this recovery is incomplete resulting in a loss of focus and concentration, which is often followed in later years with major loss of mental function.