Don McCann

picture of Don McCann creator and developer of Structural Energetic Therapy

I have been practicing rehabilitative, hands-on therapy for over 46 years. Recurring pain was a common theme in my clients, and my efforts to eliminate the source of that pain developed into Structural Energetic Therapy. My treatments incorporate knowledge from many sources, as well as my own original discoveries and techniques.

Laura Grace McCann

Picture of Laura McCann SET Therapist

Laura McCann has been studying Muscular Therapy since 1999 and Structural Energetic Therapist® (SET) since 2006. She graduated from the Muscular Therapy Institute (Cambridge, Massachusetts), is Nationally Certified in Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB) and is a Florida Licensed Massage Therapist.

Barry Engh

Barry Engh, SET Therapist

Barry began his study of bodywork in 2012 and is licensed in massage therapy (D.G. Erwin Technical Center). He also has a degree in Gerontology from USF. Barry received advanced training in Structural Energetic Therapy and has studied human biomechanics.

Charles Garvey

picture of Charles Garvey SET Therapist

Born in Mount Vernon, NY in 1950, my life has been a veritable roller coaster ride including the education field of Special Education in public schools, psychiatric facilities, and the Florida State Prison System. Charles has been a Structural Energetic Therapist for thirteen years. He is also a certified Quantum Touch Therapist.