“I have had Graves Disease with associated opthalmopathy for a number of years with the result that both eyes were protruded, the right worse than the left. About two years ago, I had decompression surgery on the right eye which removed about 7mm of soft bone around the eye socket allowing it to sit back into the socket comfortably. It was an exceptionally hard recovery for me and I decided to live with the other eye as it was, but then I was left with double vision and great difficulty focusing my eyes. I also was constantly aware of unusual pressure on my cranium which was uncomfortable.

When I read about the core distortion and Cranial/ Structural Therapy in Massage Magazine, I knew it was for me and I was right. After the first cranial decompression we were taught and performed in class, the pressure in my head and double vision was gone. My eyes have been focusing perfectly since then though the left eye is still protruded. With each technique we performed my eyesight just seemed to get better and better. Needless to say, I’m thrilled for myself, and excited about now being a trained core distortion therapist so that I can pass this incredible treatment on to my friends and clients.

One more thing I can say is that this is unequivocally the best, most thorough, enjoyable class I have ever taken, not just because of the quality of instruction, but also the fun loving attitude of the instructors (by the way there were basically two students per instructor so we were very carefully guided in the techniques). This work seems to draw very exceptional students which just completed the joy and learning experience of the class.”

–Susan Kaplan, MS, RMT

“Our 8 year old daughter, who is Autistic and has Tourette’s, has been receiving massage therapy through Sheryl Meyer for the past month and a half. Prior to the treatment, our daughter was severely sleep deprived. She would fall asleep at 7 p.m., be up by 11 and stay up all night until the following day. Then she would fall asleep in class. We tried various methods over the years to correct the sleep deprivation. In the last 6 months, we began to see symptoms of Tourette’s which appears to be associated with the sleep deprivation. Sheryl began providing massage therapy which immediately decreased the Tourette’s symptoms and allowed our daughter to sleep throughout the night. Her teacher has noticed a difference. Her neurologist mentioned that the massage therapy should continue in order to avoid giving her medicine for the sleep deprivation and the Tourette’s since it’s the healthier method and seems to be working. Thank you.”

–Joe & Georgia O’Bryan (on working with SET Therapist Sheryl Meyer)

“I was involved in a very serious boating accident in 2002 that left me on crutches for over two years as a result of a severely separated pelvis and many ripped/ stretched tendons. For the last couple of years I have suffered chronic tendonitis in my Achilles tendon and elbows and also chronic painful plantar fasciitis. This made it almost impossible to effectively be active. My flexibility was greatly reduced and my feet would hurt greatly by the end of the day. I also experienced a lot of inflammation in my legs and feet. I am happy to report that Ms. Schwartz massage skills and knowledge of physiology have made all of my pain go away. I have regained my flexibility, my feet no longer swell like they did and I have been able to exercise pain free at a level that has allowed me to lose almost 40 pounds. Autumn is a true professional who has helped me to enjoy a quality of life I thought I would never experience again. I will soon turn 65 but her support has helped me to feel much younger. Well done to Ms. Schwartz and those who trained her in SET.”

–John Waller (on working with SET Therapist Autumn Schwartz)

I want to share what has happened to me as a result of participation in the 3 day Cranial/ Structural Core Distortion Release and Frontal/ Occipital Decompression IST workshop. As I mentioned during the workshop, I have had several concussions in my lifetime. About 40 years ago I was riding a horse on the edge of a mountain highway. A car backfired and I lost control the horse. He galloped down the road and a car coming around the bend hit the horse. I flew over the car and hit the highway head first. No bruises to the rest of my body… just my head. It took about 6 months before I could tie my shoe without a lot of pressure in my head. After that I seemed to be fine.

About 12 years ago I noticed my field of vision beginning to close and was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, which usually leads to tunnel vision.

Four years ago I was diagnosed with a concussion as well as broken ribs and bulging discs in my neck following a car accident. I was treated for this accident from an excellent D.O..

After the SET IST workshop I began to feel the frontal bone rise out of my head. Since then it feels like someone removed my skull cap from my head. My range of vision has improved dramatically. I have much increased peripheral vision as well as upward vision. The dark shroud I had assumed was the Retinitis has completely lifted and I feel 30 years younger (I am going to be 70). My balance is much better. I now feel I can participate in more of the physical activities that I had given up.

Thank you, Don, so very much for giving me this gift. I feel so much better. I have been doing some sessions and I love the results.

–Sage Madrone, FL

At the Biomed Center of New England in Providence Rhode Island, Bio Regulatory healthcare is the model. This modern approach to medicine and dentistry respects the body’s unique story, trusts in its inherent wisdom to heal, and integrates traditional medicine with current research on the interconnections between all of the biological systems. Bio Regulatory medicine puts the patient at the center and addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect health. Employing a personalized strategy that considers unique conditions, needs and circumstances, it uses the most appropriate intervention from an array of scientific disciplines to heal illness and disease so one may regain and maintain optimum health.

Structural Energetic Therapy is the perfect complement to the Biomed Center as structure begets function and restoring energy flow is essential in healing. Structural Energetic Therapy works synergistically with many of the other therapies offered, for example, any dental procedure, I.V. therapies, far infrared, PEMF, and lymphatic drainage. Many patients upon first arriving at the center receive the Cranial/ Structural Core Distortion Release and the Frontal/ Occipital Decompression with certified SET trained therapist Ann-Marie Lancaster. Some choose to continue with SET’s deep tissue directed myofascial unwinding to further balance their structure. Some clients come to the Biomed Center specifically for Structural Energetic Therapy and then find themselves utilizing the other therapeutic services available. Structural Energetic Therapy has been shown to be an incredibly valuable asset at the Biomed Center and is highly recommended by the doctors, nurses, and dental team.

–The Biomed Center of New England

“This SET protocol has been the most powerful and beneficial modality I have learned and experienced. Just as you expressed at our session class in the Panhandle, the core distortion release therapy has been life changing, and for me personally has saved me from undergoing hip replacement surgery. I am grateful to you, Don, and the entire staff at the SET clinic, for your life transforming, healing work. May all of you continue to pursue the knowledge which leads to life changing breakthroughs in healing therapies. You are the best.”

-Larry Semerad, FL Panhandle

“Structural Energetic Therapy has been the most sought after therapy offered by the new center for Bioregulatory Medicine and Dentistry. In the first few months since its opening, SET has played an integral role in helping our patients begin to experience a physical and emotional shift toward better health. I’m sure much credit can be given to our practitioner, Ann-Marie, for her amazing skill and understanding of the biomechanics of the cranium and ability to explain the connection between the bones in our heads and how their alignment impacts the rest of the body. I have only heard glowing reports from both our patients and practitioners. Many would benefit from more SET therapists in the area and at our center. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience the benefits of SET firsthand and through the lens of my patients who have all been very impressed.”

-Heather Tallman Ruhm M.D.

“I have to say I have had many types of bodywork in my life and find the SET therapy to be most transformative. After my first treatment for the Core Distortion, I felt calmer and foundationally more focused and peaceful. I have continued to do the therapy and love the cranial portion and the release of the fascia. In the Bioregulatory Center where I work as nurse manager the clients express true amazement at how wonderful and transformative this therapy is as an adjunct to many of the therapeutic modalities we offer. Many of our clients are advised by the MD or request this treatment specifically. Our SET practitioner (Ann-Marie Lancaster) is truly gifted in her healing abilities utilizing this therapy.”

–Patricia Jew (RN Nurse Manager at The Biomed Center of New England)

“I have been working with Jonathan for about a year and a half now. I have struggled with lower back issues, thoracic outlet syndrome, TMJ, and a bunch of other ongoing chronic muscular issues. I can say with 100% certainty that all of these issues have been either lessened or completely alleviated since Jonathan has begun to help me. He is so wise and perceptive and in tune with the body, and he really focuses on getting to the root of the issue rather than providing temporary relief. His dedication and passion to continuing to learn and share that knowledge with his clients is so inspiring! I highly recommend seeing him if you are having any level of pain or discomfort. He is pure magic!”

–K.N. (on working with SET Therapist Jonathan Fuentes)

“I have been getting deep tissue massages for the last 30 years to help get out of pain. In addition, I have been going to the chiropractor, physician therapist, reflexologist and acupuncturist. I have been diagnosed with an undifferential connective tissue disorder, which causes a lot of pain throughout my body. I have been doing pilates for the last 20 years to keep my body strong and functional. In August, my sciatica became so painful I wasn’t able to do many of my activities. A friend recommended Laura at Structural Energetic Therapy in Tampa. I have had 3 sessions with her and my body feels the best it has in years. She has released the abdominal scar tissue caused from several surgeries from my bout with cancer. I have been able to decrease the amount of insulin I take because my body is in less pain and there is less inflammation. I have had diabetes for 60 years. My neck was restricted and always painful from a work accident. Laura has started working on that and I have less pain in my neck. I am so fortunate to have found SET. It has allowed me to be able to enjoy life more and continue with the activities that make me happy without taking medication. It is difficult for me to find the words to truly express my gratitude to Laura for helping me to enjoy my life.”

–B.J.H. (on working with SET Therapist Laura McCann)

“My name is Merry Harpua. In 2015 I had a traumatic brain injury which resulted in a stroke that left me with no sensation in my left hand or fingers. A neurologist told me that ‘it is what it is’, essentially saying that there is nothing that can be done to regain sensation from the nerve damage. Regardless, I wasn’t going to stop hoping and trying. After reading the information about Structural Energetic Therapy, I tried it with therapist Supee Spindler. On the first visit Supee did the core distortion cranial work. After she was done I could actually feel her thumb pressed into the palm of my hand! For the rest of that day, I felt very clear headed and sharp about everything. In the second session Supee did soft tissue massage and once again I had several brief instances of revitalized sensation in my hands and fingers. What stands out the most are Supee’s kind and caring words: ‘please give your left hand jobs to do.’ These words inspire me to do exactly that rather than let my left hand hang in limbo. Through her therapy and words, I am inspired to know it is actually possible to move on a path to restore nerve functioning. I am very grateful for her healing energy”.

– Merry Harpua (on working with Supee Spindler, SET Therapist)

“One of my colleagues at the World Massage Festival said, ‘I just had a great session with Don McCann. You should get a session.’ I did. I had a full out fall last year on the ice and compromised my neck, head, and brain. It often left me with bouts of dizziness and feeling like there was fluid in my head that moved at a different and slower rate than my moving head. I saw Don for a session. In about 20-30 minutes I could feel immediately a different organization. It stayed with me all night. However, it sometimes happens, being unfamiliar with the hotel room layout, getting up in the middle of the night I ran into the TV console that went from floor to ceiling. Whop. I told Don the next morning what happened and he said, ‘Let’s check it out.’ Luckily, he only needed to do a short session and I was back on track. I have not had that dizzy feeling happen again and it has been almost 3 weeks. Don McCann gets a lot done in a session in a short amount of time and he has designed his courses to do the same. I highly recommend his work and training.”

-Judith Aston

“Vinissa is amazing! She truly has the skill and knowledge and most importantly the perseverance in working with clients that are in chronic pain. She is not deterred by challenging pain conditions and will seek out additional expertise where needed. Her training in SET therapy positions her above and beyond any massage therapist that I have ever worked with. She is able to access and treat a wide range of myofascial conditions with the accuracy and skill of a Physical Therapist, Muscular Skeleton Expert, and Body Alignment Specialist all wrapped up in one person. Plus, she has a toolbox of additional healing modalities that enhance her practice. Vinissa’s passion and devotion to her work and her clients is exceptional. She demonstrates wisdom, maturity, and skill beyond her years. She truly has “Gift from God” hands!”

-Paula Campbell-Schwab, Texas

“There is so much I could share about my experience with SET thus far…! Keeping it simple for now, I’ll just say that the day after my initial Cranial/Structural Core Distortion Release my classmates at Sarasota School of Massage Therapy noticed that my pupils were equal and in anatomy class I started to see things in three dimensions. Gradually, I noticed some improvement in my visual/spatial awareness (though challenges did persist.)  Currently, I’ve had three Frontal/Occipital Decompression sessions with Don, and my ability to focus, speed of cognitive processing, recall, speech fluency, overall mental clarity, and task completion at work are all significantly improved — especially for the week following each session. The effects seem to last longer and longer, so I am definitely looking forward with expectations of continued improvements! This work is amazing!!”

Carroll Vincent, MSN, LMT

“SET has provided much needed relief from muscle spasms, chronic pain and headaches. I admit I was nervous and fearful of starting with a new technique. But after three years of physical therapy from a car wreck I was left weak and dealing with chronic pain. I was ready to try again, even though the fear was real. Carolyn’s professional and thorough sessions along with her gentle approach helped my fears subside. I very quickly experienced relief from the neck and shoulder pain … the headache and fatigue that I had accepted as my “new normal” had subsided as well. I was a little skeptical at first, or at least “cautiously optimistic”, but as time progressed my everyday functionality increased. Less ice packs and down-time and more time doing my daily chores and living life, was the proof that SET was making a difference. I have continued to learn from Carolyn and with each month I am stronger than the month before. I only wish I had seen her sooner.”

Lisa L. Williams, Dacula, GA

The following is from Cynthia D. Guttman regarding her 2 children:

Jack (age 7) had chronic sinus issues prior to treatment. Significantly less issues following treatment. As a result of being premature physicians wanted to use oral steroids for a minimum of a year. We resisted and with treatments with Don, Jack has remained healthy without use of medication. Jack has also experienced facial and eye tics as a result of his congestion. Don relieves this instantly with one treatment. April (age 8) had chronic ear infections that have cleared completely after having been treated by Don. April was diagnosed with ADHD and put on medication (Intuniv) for this. She was often restless and unable to settle herself. In her worst moments we came to Don and April got significant emotional release and usually, within 1-2 days after treatment, she was much more relaxed and able to sleep.  After 1 year on Intuniv, we were unhappy with the side effects and stopped the medication. With help from Don, April has had her best year in school and is more emotionally balanced than ever. Thanks, Don.  Our family is stronger and healthier because of you. Thanks to Don, both of my children have been given almost no medication for multiple conditions when the pediatricians thought medication was the only option.”

Cynthia D. Guttman

“James was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder/Mild Asperger’s when he was 4. He had been having difficulty with headaches several times a week. The headaches ranged from mild to severe which might need ibuprofen, ice and lying down in dark room. Sometimes he also had nausea with the severe ones.  James started with Structural Energetic Therapy in July 2010 for his headaches.  After the initial visit James had only 1 headache during the next 2 week period and didn’t need ice or ibuprofen. We continued with [every 1-2 weeks] through April 2011. The only times the headaches seem to escalate now and require more than rest and some water is when he is fighting an illness. We now see Carolyn only as needed.  Another notable result of therapy has been a reduction in the amount and intensity of stemming behaviors. Myself, family members, and his teachers noticed he seemed to be more able to calm himself with minimal flapping and jumping. On his report card in May 2011 James received an 89 in writing, grammar, mechanics class which had been a particularly difficult area for him.  He even received a “B” in spelling and in reading. …James is doing excellent academically and behaviorally. He is still currently doing well in school and headaches have been pretty much a non issue.”

Kerry Hale, mother of James

“I am an Army Reservist who was called to active duty for 18 months in 2006.  During my tour I was injured numerous ways, numerous times while playing sports with my unit.  When I came off active duty in January 2007 I was experiencing lower back problems.  Every 6-10 weeks I would suffer an episode of knee-buckling pain….  this condition would strike without warning, causing me to …drop to my knees and struggle to stand up.  These episodes would last for 6-7 days and with time gradually disappear.  I went to the doctor who x-rayed my back with no findings of cause. So from 2007 to 2009 I lived with this condition.  In  June 2009 I received orders to active duty with an assignment to Afghanistan.  I had great worries about my condition – was afraid that I’d experience an episode at a most inconvenient time.  ….I spent time with my Aunt, Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, In Tampa, FL  She had been studying Structural Energetic Therapy and worked on me for 2 sessions.  The following week I headed out to Afghanistan.  When I arrived … I took a 1-hour trip in a truck, wearing 40 lbs of body armor and equipment.  The ride was so rough and violent that I swore it would induce and episode or totally ruin my back.  …. I spent the rest of my tour experiencing many more such back-jarring experiences.  To my happy surprise I have been free of any symptoms.  I am a believer in the power of SET!”  (LTC James Baucom, 26 January 2011)

“I came to Carolyn Davis and SET from a referral.  Knowing I had been having chronic leg and thigh pain since my double hip replacements in 2006 and 2007 – to the point of having to go on a cane occasionally…. I thought, I’ll give it a try – what would it hurt.  In the 3-4 months I have been seeing Carolyn, I am now walking without pain and am able to walk long distances with no pain at all.  We are now in process of repairing years of bad posture and releasing muscles that have been “stove up” for years.  I feel 110% better, my posture and health have improved greatly.  I am now able to have fun with the family again and especially enjoy a run with my little granddaughter.  The cane is now in the closet!  I recommend anyone with joint or muscle pain to find a SET therapist.  I truly believe no doctor could have done for me what this therapy has accomplished. ” (Elaine Karoly, 9/23/11)

“I came to Sylla the first time in July of 2007 and had only one treatment.  I didn’t think I was ready and did not return.  My daughter had had SET work and listening to her describe it, I was unsure if I could go through with it.  SET work sounded like it was painful and I had had enough pain , I didn’t need more.  She kept telling me to go try it.  I think I was definitely scared of the unknown.  I have had Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) since 1994, had a right knee replacement in 1994 (after 4 other surgeries on that knee) and have fibromyalgia since 2006.  I unfortunately know what pain is.  I went to my rheumatologist’s office every week to get deep tissue massage for 2 years.  I got relief for several days but then my pain would come right back.  Then the massage started not to work at all and one day I thought I would jump off the roof the pain was so bad.  My daughter happened to call me that day and heard the anguish in my voice.  She begged me “Go See Sylla”.  Well, I called Sylla that day, and have been with her now for 2 years.  The BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME.  I have much less pain, more range of motion, I literally danced at my son’s wedding last year (something I would have never been able to do without SET), did a triathlon over 6 weeks at the YMCA, and was able to stand up after cooking Thanksgiving dinner and not collapse from pain.  I am a completely different person thanks to Sylla and to SET.  She is my angel. Life is much sweeter than it was, even though I still have some pain. but it is so so much better due to the SET therapy.  A BIG THANK YOU TO WHOM EVER DEVELOPED THIS! ”
“…66 yr old female, left shoulder pain, left hip pain, left leg pain, left thumb pain.  MRI of cervical and lumbar spine reveals stenosis, degenerative discs, and herniated discs supposedly causing leg and hip pain.  Shoulder pain thought to be related to cervical degenerative discs and arthritis.  Client states “….I never thought I would ever be active again.  I went from the bed to the chair and to the car with either a heating pad or an ice pack.  I could not enjoy the activities that I had previously enjoyed.  All I could do is try to help relieve my pain with medications, ice, and heat.  My orthopedist told me the next step would be epidural injections to see if they could help…and then surgery.  I told him I was not ready for that.”  The orthopedic doctor prescribed physical therapy.  I also received chiropractic care from a chiropractor I had seen for about 20 years.  With these treatments I did get some results but they did not last long and the pain always returned.  I started Structural Energetic Therapy with Pam Reagin to correct the imbalances in the pelvis and ..the core distortion and compensations causing my chronic pain.  I received 2 sessions per week from January until May.  The procedure for this bodywork is cranial [Cranial/Structural], muscle testing and soft tissue work.  1 year later I went white water rafting 2 times with my husband and grandchildren.  I was able to go hiking with the family again, something I thought last fall I would never do again.  Other things I almost forgot about were difficulty swallowing.  I never have that feeling or tightness in my throat since receiving the SET work.  ….the flat spot on the back of my head is no longer flat – I had to always work with my hair on the crown of  my head so it wouldn’t look flat, and now I don’t think about it because it is gone.  SET has given me back my active lifestyle.  I am enjoying hiking and gardening again, and began weekly yoga classes.  I am very grateful for the therapy and it is wonderful to be out of bed and virtually pain free.” – (P.H., Hoschton, GA)

“Structural Energetic Therapy has provided needed relief and healing for my chronic conditions.  I have tried Orthopedic, Osteopathy, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Orthotics, and surgery.  None have been as successful as the Structural Energetic Therapy techniques used at Carolyn Davis Massage Therapy LLC.  I had a frozen shoulder that I suffered with 5 years ago.  I went through 2 orthopedic doctors, Physical Therapy, and 2 surgeries.  It was a painful and grueling process.  Through much pain and time out of my life I still did not have full range of that shoulder.  Then my other shoulder started freezing.  I was determined not to go through the same thing again.  So, I went to Carolyn.  I am so much happier with this non-invasive, logical, workable solution.  There is tremendous progress and relief from pain while gaining range of motion at the same time.  I also have Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction on the right.  It started after a 3 day horse ride 5 years ago. It shows up whenever I ride in a car long distances.  It is tremendously painful and limiting.  Since I ride horses in long -distance races I was aware that my body would not let me be centered in the saddle no matter what I did.  All the doctors and specialists never treated the underlying unbalanced body.  So, after many doctor’s visits, PT, tests, etc I still had the episodic SI pain.  Finally through SET I have a more balanced and secure seat in the saddle which gives me freedom to ride without pain, and provides more comfort for my horse. I also have Osteoarthritis.  SET techniques have helped my joints be more fluid and pain free.  Since going to Carolyn I have felt more totally balanced and pain free than ever before.  She ….is great about getting to the root of my soft tissue issues.  …Of course the symptom relief has been great, but what has been more fantastic is the …long-term relief and complete healing of my whole body.  Carolyn has provided that with her professional, kind, magic hands.  Thanks Carolyn!”  (Margaret Clower)

“SET gave me my life back!  For 10 months I suffered very painful and debilitating leg pain in both legs due to sciatica.  The cause was from stenosis and herniated discs at levels L4 and L5.  I couldn’t stand or walk for more than 10 minutes before the aching and pain required me to sit to relieve the pressure, pain and tingling in my legs and feet.  My SET Therapist, Nancy Krau, was highly knowledgeable and meticulous in treating me using the prescribed protocols she was trained in [Structural Energetic Therapy].  It took 10 weeks of perseverance on my part.  I wanted to give up several times, thinking it wasn’t going to help me, but Nancy was so strong in her beliefs that this treatment could work that she convinced me to continue and have faith that the SET treatment would work.  She kept reminding me that this was a process that takes time.  …The pain started leaving my legs the same way it started.  I can’t describe the happiness I felt when I could walk again for 30 minutes at a time without having to stop for a rest!  Gradually, my normal activities became normal again.  I didn’t feel like a 90 year old!  ….I can truly attest to the amazing treatment that I see actually relieved my sciatica.  The only other treatment is surgery, and that is never a good and permanent solution.  To me, this treatment is like magic!  Thank you for all the years you put into mastering this technique and for helping people with pain!”  (Claudia Stupp, 4-30-2011)

“…Since I was 10 years old I have been a weekly client at various chiropractors with neck, back, shoulder and knee problems.  I also had severe headaches at least twice a week that would last for a day or more.  …In my early 30’s, I had both an MD and a chiropractor tell me that I would soon be in a wheelchair and that I should stop all athletic activity to prolong my mobility.  I put a tremendous amount of stress on my body both from my sports training and computer related job.  [Since being treated with the SET methods] I have not had a single headache and am almost totally off any type of pain medication.   I’m very excited about my personal results.  I can really tell an improvement in my posture and I do not have the level of chronic pain that I have lived with for years.  I took ONE HOUR off my Ironman time from 2002-2003.  Greg has improved my quality of life with SET.”    – (Pam K., St. Petersburg, FL)

“…A highly reputable orthopedic surgeon strongly recommended that I make major changes to my life style.  Not only did he say I should completely quit running, he said that I was rapidly heading for surgery.  I was introduced to Structural Energetic Therapy® in August of 2003.  [I’m now] swimming, biking and running multiple races and Ironman Triathlon and I am still going at it.  I know that [Greg’s] services have been and continue to be instrumental in my ability to work and enjoy this great sport.”     (Guard K., Tampa, FL)

“For a number of years I would get migraines and a result of the migraines would be blurred vision.  Greg asked me if I would like to try Structural Energetic Therapy.  It was different and a little odd, but it did not hurt and was relaxing.  The best part of the therapy I would discover over the next few weeks.  I did not and have not had a migraine or blurred vision since the initial treatment.  It has been three months and I have been migraine free.”  (Andy Q, Tampa, FL)

“I originally came in for therapy to resolve some knee issues I was experiencing while running, but I left my first session with many more issues resolved as well.  My back was released from a pain that I had been experiencing for a couple of years since having my first child!  And, I was able to breathe better through my nose, too.  Overall, I feel more able to move my body more freely, much like that of a child!.  I have been able to continue and enjoy my running because of this therapy.  As a result of my body being more properly aligned, I have even been able to run faster!”    (Paula M, Tampa, FL)

“For over 25 years I’ve been a runner who has had to deal with a constant flow of nagging injuries.  Injury management had become an expected part of my training.  My therapist [noted] several muscular and structural imbalances and applied SET therapy to correct.  I’m 38 years old and for the first time in all of my life I am not dealing with injuries on a day to day basis.  I’ve been able to increase my training volume and recently completed my first Ironman.”    (Steve M., Tampa, FL)

“…[I had] a very tight left shoulder and lower back.  After my first session my left shoulder was immeasurably better.  After the second session both my left shoulder and my lower back felt completely released.  …Overall after each visit I felt looser, taller and more relaxed than I have in years.”    (Wendy E, Tampa, FL)      

“…I have had such relief from pain that I’ve been able to begin again doing many of the things I thought I had given up forever.  Last week I hooked and boated an 85 pound Tarpon!”  (Carol Gottshalk, Land O’ Lakes, FL)

“…I have now gone nearly 2 months without the severe pain I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life.  I highly recommend that anyone with chronic low back pain be treated with S.E.T. therapy.”     (Ernest Bryant, Port St. Lucie, FL)

“…I don’t have to wake up with the fear of the pain and stiffness that wouldn’t even let me move around the bed without suffering that intense pain”   (Dante, Port St. Lucie, FL)

“…I could wear ‘heels’, dance and power walk for the first time in over a year!  It was amazing, I had no pain, I could move with 100 times the flexibility!  I talked about S.E.T. to everyone…and how Ross and S.E.T. had changed my life”   (Jenny L., Port St. Lucie, FL)

“…I write this testimonial in appreciation and gratitude to Shari Casolo, and Structural Energetic Therapy (SET).  In 2015, I had ACL Reconstructive surgery and 2 other subsequent surgeries to remove scar tissue.  After completing 1 year of physical therapy, I was still unable to fully straighten or bend my knee.  In addition, I developed hip and back issues, tendonitis in both Achilles and my entire left side was twisted, all resulting from being unable to walk correctly.  Feeling frustrated, I started searching for another form of treatment.  Fortunately, I met Shari and learned about SET.  After only my 2nd session, I was able to see immediate improvement in the mobility in my knee.  I could also feel my body start to untwist and my back and hip pain was gone.  After my 5th session, my knee was nearly completely straight and my body was almost back into correct alignment.  I have made more progress in those 5 sessions than in 1 year of PT.  In addition to Shari’s technical abilities, she is also extremely professional.  I am always informed and educated on what is happening and how it will aid my progress.   She is compassionate and understanding during those “less pleasing” procedures which can be uncomfortable or painful.  Additionally, she is always aware and respectful of my personal boundaries and makes me feel at ease at all times.  As a result of Shari and SET, I finally trust that my knee and pain issues will completely resolve and my quality of life will be restored.  I would recommend this treatment for anyone suffering from pain or some other form of disorder.”      (Caryn Spano, Massachusetts)

“I want to tell you how impressed I was when JR used what he learned in the classes that he took on Cranial/Structural Frontal/Occipital Decompression.

During the full year of 2015, I have gone to different therapists, chiropractors, pain management centers in the Villages and have driven to Gainesville for help at UF pain clinics. These doctors and their staff gave me shots of all kinds, including botox shots. After the shots wore off, I was back in pain with C1 still hurting. In 2005, I had both my neck and lower spine, I believe from Laser Spine Institute in Tampa, taken care of. I already had in 2007 fusion done on C3/4, 4/5, 5/6. In 2014, for 3 months my lower spine was worked on by Davis Clinic which did help that area.

All the doctors, etc. that I went to in the Villages finally gave up on me and sent me to UF Shands for help. About this time JR attended your Integrative Structural Therapy course, and behold the first time he pushed C1 through my mouth, I could feel the pain was released by this action!!! JR attends to me every two weeks and I waited for 6 weeks before I finally could believe that what he was doing to my upper neck had relieved the terrible pain that I have had for over a year.

I did not tell my husband for those 6 weeks, but he had noticed that I was not wearing my ‘collar’ that supported my neck or some of the lotions I had been using along with pain pills, but never said anything to me. I finally told him how JR was helping me and he could see what a difference the procedure had made to my C1. Along with having very little pain now, my attitude in life has changed also.

Once again, I want to repeat that your course pertaining to the head that JR took, has made a new person out of me and I can’t thank you all enough for the knowledge he learned and then preformed on me.” – (Eleanor Stuart Dolan, Lady Lake, Florida)

“I write this testimonial in appreciation and gratitude to Shari Casolo, and Structural Energetic Therapy.

In 2015, I had ACL Reconstructive Surgery and 2 other subsequent surgeries to remove scar tissue. After completing 1 year of physical therapy, I was still unable to fully straighten or bend my knee. In addition, I developed hip and back issues, tendonitis in both Achilles and my entire left side was twisted, all resulting from being unable to walk correctly. Feeling frustrated, I started searching for another form of treatment. Fortunately, I met Shari and learned about SET. After only my 2nd session I was able to see immediate improvement in the mobility of my knee. I could also feel my body start to untwist and my back and hip pain was gone. After my 5th session, my knee was nearly completely straight and my body was almost back into correct alignment. I have made more progress in those 5 sessions than in 1 year of PT.

In addition to Shari’s technical abilities, she is also extremely professional. I am always informed and educated on what is happening and how it will aide in my progress. She is compassionate and understanding during those “less pleasing” procedures that can be uncomfortable or painful. Additionally, she is always aware and respectful of my personal boundaries and makes me feel at ease at all times.

As a result of Shari and SET, I finally trust that my knee and pain issues will completely resolve and my quality of life restored. I would recommend this treatment for anyone suffering from pain or some other other form of disorder.”  – client of Sheri Casolo, SET Therapist 

“Happy Birthday Don! Just wanted to tell you this: I attended your workshop at the World Massage Festival last May in N.C., and it’s helped me so much with managing my migraines! I plan on visiting FL soon to get certified in Structural Energetic Therapy so I can help even more people up here in Seattle! Thank you so much for your insight and dedication.” – Train Jennings


“This is the only type of therapy to effective relieve chronic pain in the body, mind, and soul. This is advanced therapy unlike any other. Your money is always well spent here”. (Mario Ceparano, LMT, SET)

“Structural Energetic Therapy is an inclusive, results-based system that directly addresses the root cause of musculoskeletal pain. It is designed for maximum rehabilitation and the preservation of a very important element: time. Clients who come to you falling on any spectrum of pain from acute and/ or chronic conditions can be confidently reassured that they will feel better, often more than they thought possible and more quickly than they expected. Don’s system is taught so that therapists can reproduce his results consistently. I studied SET after years of feeling frustrated by temporary results and linear attempts at problems that required new ways of thinking in order to successfully achieve long-term, pain free living. In just one year of taking this program, my practice exploded and I am consistently producing results that truly change lives and get people out of pain when nothing else has worked. SET has made me an expert problem solver when it comes to eliminating the causes of pain conditions. My future in this field, bright before, is now absolutely on fire and staying that way for good. Completing the entire SET training, you will without question have the tools to operate at the highest level of manual therapy, and your results and testimonials will reflect that. Becoming part of the SET community, intensely studying Don’s approach, and testing this organic, integrated, and highly organized system everyday in my practice has completely changed my life in the most positive way. I could not hold something in higher esteem. Take the course for yourself and see if I’m right. If, as those in SET love to say, you ‘do the work’, you can’t go wrong”. (Jonathan Fuentes, LMT, SET)

“Don, ….My daughter brought my 2 year old grandson to you …just after he had been diagnosed as autistic.  After that first treatment his various self stimulating behaviors immediately decreased in regularity and intensity, and more importantly became predictable – i.e. in proportion to overall environmental stress levels.  [In the next treatment] the results were greater than she could ever have imagined.  She feels that the release you brought about, which had been fomenting within Holden for about a year, has born the sweetest fruit.  Within a day he developed a rash, started simultaneously at the major lymph clusters and spreading a rosy hue over most of his face and body.  By the end of the week the splotchiness had transformed into a healthy glow that remains today, a month later.  The greatest news is that, according to his astounded speech therapist, he has progressed in his speaking ability about 1 year in the last month!  He is 90% intelligible, pronouncing and enunciating even the “hard” letters like “w” and “r” combinations on a par with most other 3 year olds!  Don, not only has SET released the potential in Holden, but the ripple effect has transformed my whole family, from lifting my daughter’s heaviest weight and darkest fears to bulwarking my own determination to become the most skillful SET practitioner that I can.  It’s truly amazing to see the energy generated by events like this, flow on to every living thing that we encounter. Thanks again, Don, for working Holden into your schedule and applying your techniques with such loving intensity! ” (SET Therapist, Alan Repas, for his daughter, grandson and family with their permission)

“…Balance for endurance equine competition….Through Structural Energetic Therapy my client immediately noticed a change in her daily and competition rides. She now no longer has the sacroiliac joint, right hip and shoulder discomfort after these long rides.  To make sure her body was being supported by the horse, I energetically released the horse’s cranial/structural core distortion.  A week later, I visited her home again to test the client riding bare back on the horse and then with blanket/saddle to make sure the horse and client’s body structure were fully supported, with kinesiology testing.  The client is continuing to experience improved horse rides and competition results without pain.”  (C.Davis, LMT, SET – GA)

“…I have learned to body-read (structurally), and correct body torsions and feel that I can really make a difference in people’s lives and well-being.  Learning SET has increased my confidence, my clientele, and  awareness and sensitivity of others.”   (Debra S. Vigrass, LMT, SET)

“…I am so glad I made the investment in the SET work, along with the electric table, to increase my knowledge, increase my practice, and save my body from over use and bad posture.”  (Ross Hoffman, LMT, SET)

“…Thanks for developing Structural Energetic Therapy (SET) and for teaching it so thoroughly and with so much commitment.  SET is the most effective and comprehensive bodywork I have ever been exposed to.  You are the best teacher I have ever had and it is a pleasure and honor for me to be working with you.   My work has moved up several levels because of what I have learned from you……I consider myself fortunate to have met you and to be working with you personally learning this powerful work.  I’m grateful for your commitment that we all know the protocol before going home.  When I leave Tampa after a weekend of intense SET training I’m confident about performing my new skills.  It feels good to know that I got just what I came for, and I can’t wait to get home (to Minnesota) and pass it on to my lucky clients.”    (Ken Youngberg, LMT, SET Minnesota)

“No words can express the feeling of helping someone recover from a concussion. Another patient who needed only 3 sessions to fully recover. She’s a student athlete who is able to go back to school, doesn’t have to wear sun glasses everywhere, isn’t as tired, isn’t dealing with chronic headaches that are a 7 out of 10, and she is resuming her active lifestyle again. A big THANK YOU goes out to Don McCann and the educational team at Structural Energetic Therapy!” (Ben Keyes, SET Therapist, Orlando, FL)


I suffered from sciatic pain and frequent intense headaches for many years.  Chiropractic treatments and massage therapy only gave temporary relief.  Since being treated with these Structural Energetic Therapy techniques, my headaches and sciatic pain are totally gone, and I feel very balanced.  After experiencing this awesome therapy, I took the Advanced SET Training and became certified in this work.  I couldn’t be doing this deep tissue work without having had the benefit of this therapy.  I am now 66 and have a full private practice doing this SET therapy exclusively.  I have been traveling and assisting Don with his teaching as the Training Coordinator and am now Director of Education for Structural Energetic Therapy®, Inc. I have the great privilege of assisting in the training of other therapists learning these techniques.

Typical Results:
One client was ready to commit suicide because he was in such pain with fibromyalgia, and so depressed after being told by his doctor that he would only get worse and would be on medication for the rest of his life.  He now jokes and laughs and has literally given all his medication back to his doctor because he doesn’t need it anymore!

Another client was barely able to walk due to sciatic pain – he had 12 weeks of chiropractic therapy and 2 months of physical therapy with minimal results.  The physical therapist referred him to a neurologist for possible surgery since he wasn’t showing improvement, but was actually getting worse.  After only a few treatments he was out of pain, walking without assistance, and eventually returned to golf and fishing!

A computer worker couldn’t lift a ream of paper or a can of soup with one hand – his carpal tunnel and nerve entrapment symptoms were so severe he was becoming handicapped.  Literally, one carpal tunnel treatment allowed him to pick up a can of soup, and he eventually became pain and symptom free.  He never missed a day of work while being treated!
This is the excitement of this work!!

(Pamela S. Putnam, BA, LMT, CSET, Tampa, FL)


“As a Neurologist and medical writer, I spend many hours at the computer, and sometimes get a stiff neck from having to use the keyboard while cradling the phone receiver between my ear and shoulder.  My husband and I are also competitive amateur ballroom dancers, and we do Theatre Arts, a form of dancing that involves overhead lifts.

During a period in which we were learning many new lifts for a new routine, while I was still heavily involved in my usual work activities, I developed pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders.  The pain and tingling also radiated down my right arm to the fourth and fifth fingers.  Deep muscular work on the soft tissues of the neck, and on the shoulder and arm using the carpal tunnel / nerve entrapment protocol, relieved the neck pain and stiffness as well as the tingling sensation in the fingers, and it has not been a problem since.

Involvement of the fourth and fifth fingers suggests to me that this was not a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome, which typically involves the thumb and index finger, but rather that it reflected nerve entrapment of fibers originating from the C8 nerve root, traveling through the brachial plexus, and becoming the ulnar nerve.  The deep muscular work using this protocol relieved these symptoms of nerve entrapment.”   (Laurie Barclay, M.D.)

“I started having pain, numbness and weakness of my right hand. The pain was so severe it was beginning to wake me up from sleeping several times during the night.  In just a few sessions of treatment using the carpal tunnel protocol in this book, the pain and weakness completely subsided and my hand feels normal again.  I would highly recommend the therapy for the treatment of pain.”  (Melanie F.  Tampa, FL, Physical Therapist)

“I have had carpal tunnel syndrome for perhaps twenty years, and have experienced numbness, tingling, pain, inability to sew, write or work on projects involving small motor control with comfort.  Since I have been treated with the SET carpal tunnel protocol, 10 sessions in all, I find that the pain is no longer evident, the tingling and numbness is greatly improved, and my ability to do tasks involving small motor control, such as typing, writing, and cutting has been extended, in terms of repetition, at least double, if not three times the length of time I could comfortably perform these tasks. I hope we can continue in the Fall.”   (Gail B., Connecticut)

“I’ve been typing and working on computers for 25 years.  I thought I must have been immune to Carpal   Tunnel Syndrome.  However, a few months of typing while standing up over a counter had left me practically as helpless as a baby.  I needed to use two hands to pick up a ream of paper (500 sheets) or a can of soup and I would experience excruciating pain in the joints in my thumbs and wrists.  After just three SET treatments the pain was gone!  A few more follow up visits rid the rest of the minor aches, and provided me with some useful preventative tips.  I can’t say enough good things about SET – it allowed me to continue to work in my field of expertise without the expense, trauma, and recovery time (6-12 weeks) of conventional surgical treatment.”  (William B, Tampa, FL)


I want to thank Don and Pam for a great seminar this past April 2004.  I knew I was going to learn how to improve my clients with their core distortions, and never imagined how much I would be helped myself.

I volunteered to be evaluated by the class for core distortions.  I had protracted medially rotated shoulders (my hands were in front of my thighs instead of my sides).  My left hip was anteriorly rotated forward, causing my left knee to hurt laterally.  I walked with a slight limp.  All of these symptoms were a result of 2 lumbar surgeries with fusion & instrumentation, and w cervical surgeries, also fused and with a plate.  I was living in constant pain, and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  The Orthopedic Surgeon said there is nothing he could do and I should learn to live with it.  I have had deep tissue, neuromuscular, craniosacral therapy for 9 years, 2 times a week.  It helped for 5 minutes to maybe one whole day.  In 20 minutes, after a fellow classmate performed the Cranial/Structural Soft Tissue I Master Release, I was returned to beautiful posture, shoulders even and back, head straight, hips even.  Best of all [I’ve been] pain free and it’s been holding for 2 months.

I do the Master Release on all of my clients.  They see the results just as quickly as I did.  This is smart massage.”  (Thank you, Debra Jaffe)

Pam did the Cranial/Structural Soft Tissue Release I on me at the FSMTA Convention in Orlando in 2003.  I had a car accident 14 years ago and have had a lot of bodywork that made changes in my body, but didn’t affect my pelvis in such a dramatic change of pain reduction [as this technique did].  I went dancing that night and was able to enjoy the dancing which I hadn’t been able to do for years.  My back didn’t bother me and the changes have lasted since then (this is 2004).”      (Jean Blum)

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