SET Class Schedule

Available Classes

The one year SET Training classes are only for those therapists who commit to the complete 1-year training. These weekend classes are part of the 1-year training and are not taught as individual workshop weekends. See the IST listing of courses for the one-weekend workshops.

Come to the Source! Learn a complete rehabilitation system using graduate-level techniques. Don McCann developed Structural Energetic Therapy which includes the Cranial/Structural techniques (aka Cranial Structural). He is the only one approved to teach them. He personally teaches each phase of SET training and is assisted by several training assistants.

For prices and information, and to register for class, please contact Pam Putnam at 813-679-3318, or by email at

2-day SET Trainings meet 1 weekend every month – dates determined by class
4-day SET Trainings meet 4 days every 2 months – dates determined by class

Class NameLocationDateDay(s)Time
New 4-day SET Training Begins
Phase I – Head, Neck, Shoulder & Cranial/Structural Decompression
Tucson, AZ2021
Friday - Monday9:00am-6:00pm
New 2-day SET Training Begins
Phase I – Head, Neck, Shoulder
Structural Energetic Therapy®
Lutz, FL
Saturday & Sunday9:00am-6:00pm


Contact Pam Putnam for SET Class details:
**813-679-3318** or 813-949-2245

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