Amazing how a headache can just ruin a glorious day! With so many different kinds of headaches that seem to explode at the most inopportune times, popping pills and using ice packs often become the norm in an effort to relieve these nasty symptoms. There is a great deal of written information on the causes and types of headaches in medical literature, but very little on effective treatment. Some are easy to treat, and some quite difficult. The ones that are easily treated are generally due to stress and tension, and are usually successfully relieved with a relaxation massage. Other types of headaches resulting from structural imbalances, or injuries, car accidents, and trauma, are more challenging. However, no matter what the cause, headache and migraine sufferers are looking for a magical quick fix! There IS an answer! Believe it or not, everyone is born with a structural distortion which creates instability in the spine and imbalances and weakness throughout the whole body. Accidents, injuries, aging, and life experiences cause the body to collapse further into that distortion causing pressure on nerves and inflammation, all of which often relate directly to headache and migraine pain. The ANSWER — Structural Energetic Therapy® techniques! In fact, part of this effective treatment for headache and migraine pain BEGINS in the head! Interesting! For expanded information and explanations, please click here. Relief is only a phone call away!

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