High Heat May Kill the Coronavirus

High Heat May Kill the Coronavirus

In my attempt to direct you to the best information on how to be proactive against coronaviruses I found that Dr. Mercola has done it again, and written a very timely article on how to be proactive against coronaviruses and build your immune system. I feel that this is an essential article and important to share with you. Hopefully the highlights mentioned below will lead you to download the article and read it in its entirety.

Everything below here is a synopsis of Dr. Mercola’s Article –High Heat May Kill the Coronavirus

Quoted from this article:

  • A recent Chinese investigation suggests COVID-19 is highly sensitive to high temperatures and spreads faster in colder climates; its most rapid spread is occurring at a temperature of 8.72 degrees Celsius (47.7 degrees Fahrenheit)

  • Fever is a core mechanism by which your body fights viral infection. You can simulate a fever by raising your core body temperature in a sauna, steam bath, or by engaging in physical movement to induce sweating

  • A number of studies have investigated the antiviral effects of sauna bathing. For example, a clinical study involving 50 volunteers showed regular sauna bathers had half the rate of common cold compared to nonusers. Those who use a sauna at least two or three times per week also have a lower risk of influenza and pneumonia

  • Sauna use kills bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses and boosts your immune function by increasing white blood cell, lymphocyte, neutrophil and basophil counts. By elevating your core temperature your body also releases heat shock proteins that help block the replication of influenza viruses

  • Coronaviruses (as a general group0) incubate in your sinuses for about three days before moving down into your lungs, and appears to be destroyed by temperatures around 133 degrees F (56 degrees Celsius), which can easily be reached in a sauna

  • Saunas can produce the benefits of heat-shock proteins which were used by the World Health Organization during the SARS 3 epidemic in 2003.

Other potentially beneficial nutrients – partial list quoted from Dr. Mercola’s article – High Heat May Kill the Coronavirus:

  • Quercetin is a potent antiviral

  • N-acetylcysteine (NAC) – encourages glutathione production, thins mucus, lowers your chances of influenza infection and reduces your risk of developing severe bronchitis.

  • Elderberry extract – known to shorten influenza duration by two to four days and reduce the severity of the flu.

  • Spirulina – reduces severity of influenza infection severity and lowers influenza mortality in animal studies. In a human trial, spirulina significantly lowered the viral load in patients with HIV infection.

  • Beta-glucan – reduces severity of influenza infection severity and lowers influenza mortality in animal studies.

  • Glucosamine – upregulates mitochondrial antiviral-signaling protein (MAVS), reduces severity of influenza infection severity and lowers influenza mortality in animal studies.

  • Selenium

  • Zinc – Zinc has been shown to inhibit coronavirus in vitro and block coronavirus replication in cell culture.

  • Lipoic acid – Helps boost type 1 interferon response

  • Sulforaphane – Helps boost type 1 interferon response”

Please go to the article for the provisional daily dosage suggestions to help control RNA viruses, including influenza and coronavirus infection.

Next installment (#5) will be what you can do if you have been exposed to COVID-19.

Nutritional Supplements and Specialty Products to Maximize your Immune System against COVID-19

Nutritional Supplements and Specialty Products to Maximize your Immune System against COVID-19

By Don McCann, MA,


All nutrition starts with what you eat. From the BioMed Center in NE: 

“Good health starts in the gut. Take care of your microbiome. After all, your digestive system is full of bacteria that belong there. Eat whole foods as much as possible. Avoid processed foods, anything that comes in a box, and toxins.”

Many of you already eat a healthy diet. If not, now would be a great time to start as an unhealthy diet can leach valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your immune system needs. A good diet and healthy gut dramatically increase the effectiveness of supplement dosing. Get as many of your vitamins from fresh fruits and vegetables. Green leafy vegetables are an incredible source of the nutrients and vitamins you need.

Vitamin C may be the most important supplement to add.


From Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, Mar 3, 2020:

  • Shanghai
    Government Officially Recommends Vitamin C for COVID-19
    “(OMNS Mar 3, 2020) The government of Shanghai, china has announced its official recommendation that COVID-19 should be treated with high amounts of intravenous vitamin C. Dosage recommendations vary with severity of illness, from 50 to 200 milligrams per kilogram body weight per day to as much as 200 mg/kg/day… .”

  • …“Dr. Chang and Dr. Yanagisawa both recommend oral vitamin C for prevention of COVID-19 infection.”

From Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, Feb 28, 2020: Vitamin C and COVID-19 Coronavirus:

  • ,,,“What to do. If you do nothing else, start taking vitamin C right away, at least 3 grams a day, spread right across the day. That’s a 1000 milligram capsule every 8 hours, or a level teaspoon of powder dissolved in a pint or so of water, drink all through the day.”

  • If someone tells you it’s not proven, consider two things:

1. Nothing is proven to work against COVID-19, because it is a new

2. Vitamin C has worked against every single virus including influenzas, pneumonia, and even poliomyelitis.”

From Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, Jan 26, 2020. Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus.

  • The physicians of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service and the International society for Orthomolecular Medicine urge a nutrient-based method to prevent or minimize symptoms for future viral infection. The following inexpensive supplemental levels are recommended for adults: for children reduce these in proportion to body weight.

  • Vitamin C: 3000 milligrams (or more) daily, in divided doses.

  • Vitamin D3: 2000 international Units daily. (start with 5000 IU/day for two weeks, then reduce to 2000)

  • Magnesium: 400 mg daily (in citrate, malate, chelate, or chloride form)

  • Zinc: 20 mg daily

  • Selenium: 100 mcg (micrograms) daily”

 The physicians at the BioMed Center NE, March 16, 2020, recommend the following:

Supplement Dosing Recommendations for Maximum Efficacy & Absorption:

  • Vitamin C: 1000 mg, 2-4 times a day

  • Vitamin D: 5000-10000 IU, daily for 2 weeks

  • Selenium: 100mg, once daily

  • Astragalus: 500 mg, daily”

I hope from these recommendations you can see a way to give yourself additional nutritional support to fight COVID-19. Some other specialty products that are recommended by health care professionals and suggested from the literature about them to further help your immune system against airborne viruses are:  

  • Use a neti pot or similar nasal irrigation device twice a day to flush the sinuses which can wash out the beginnings of an infection before it takes hold, be sure to use pure water, not from the faucet and some form of salt additive. Additional things that may be added are Argentum23 (Colloidal Silver), or XLear Nasal Wash.

  • Drink plenty of water and add lemon to alkalize your body

  • Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, a mind/body/spirit treatment to calm and integrate.

  • Virotox, a bioactive homeopathic, to bring your immune system to a high level to fight viruses

  • Zinc lozenges, especially with elderberry

  • Zicam Cold-eeze, helps prevent airborne viruses like the cold which is a coronavirus

  • Minimize your electromagnetic radiation (EMR)

  • OnGuard or Thieves to protect against pathogens.

  • Zavita from First Fitness Nutrition, an antioxidant and mineral rich formula from the Amazon rain forest that helps strengthen the immune system, decreases pain and inflammation. Dr. Kaufman recently addressed in a webinar how he feels that taking Zavita is one of the best preventative actions against COVID-19.

  • Biomega, from First Fitness Nutrition, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytonutrients, and antioxidants that help soothe the stomach, enhance nutrient absorption and supports digestive health

  • Fit To A Tea, from First Fitness Nutrition, whole body detoxifying tea

(First Fitness Nutrition products can be ordered at 1-800-621-4348. Use Ref. # 38039201 so you can order directly from the company without a membership)

Karin Zabriskie, a SET therapist, has found another program that has proven successful in many cases. Please contact her for more information if you are interested (520-861-2938; karin@resonatewithhealing.com)

Again, let me reiterate, these are only suggestions made from other reliable sources, and I suggest that you further research these suggestions before using. I am only passing this information on.

Special thank you to Dr. Lee Cowden (ACIM); Sherry Bell, Holistic Health Specialist; and to these SET Therapists – Ann Dorwin, Ann-Marie Lancaster, Michele Weissman, Karin Zabriskie; for sharing their sources with me so I can
pass this information on to you.

The next installment (#4) will cover how saunas and other supplements can help you fight COVID-19.


Maintaining and Maximizing your Immune System  to Prevent COVID-19

Maintaining and Maximizing your Immune System to Prevent COVID-19

by Don McCann, MA, LMT, LMHC, CSETT

You can either wait to see if you are going to be one of the up to 65% of Americans to be infected with COVID-19 or you can look for ways to minimize your susceptibility and maximize your immune system to prevent it.  I see taking personal responsibility for maintaining and maximizing your immune system is the most important job you can do at this point. Following the CDC recommendations of distancing and sanitizing is just the first step. There are many ways you can be responsible for maximizing the effectiveness of your immune system.

I have been contacting many massage therapists, nutritionists and health professionals on steps that can help your immune system defeat exposure to COVID-19. Below are many of the suggestions that can make a difference:
Lower your stress levels. Stress dramatically inhibits our body’s immune response, and anyone going through this period of time has a higher than normal stress level. This is the time to pay attention to your breathing and every time you are aware of not breathing in a normal pattern consciously take 10 deep relaxing breaths.  While breathing concentrate on releasing the stress with each exhale and expanding the restriction to breathing with each inhale.  The more often you tune in and are aware of your stress level the more often you can go ahead and lower it, so tune in and make relaxation part of your life.

Meditate. The benefits of meditation are extensive. Suffice it to say that relaxation, positive attitude and increased immune function are universal results of meditation. If you do not meditate and need a guided meditation there is my free Light Meditation on www.cranialstructuralenergetics.com   that you can download from that site. This meditation is also specifically a healing meditation with a Light Meditation, a Chakra Balancing meditation, and a Pineal Gland Meditation. These will all help bring about a state of homeostasis. If you already have a meditation that you do regularly please meditate. 

Positive attitude. Fear and a negative attitude lead to negative results and a compromised immune system. It is hard not to be afraid when hearing about the effects of COVID-19. However, even the immune-compromised have a fatality rate of less than 5%. When thoughts that promote fear get stuck in your mind a very helpful action to take is to repeat the words “cancel-cancel” repeatedly until the thoughts and emotional fear diminish. This is a Silva Mind Control technique that Jose Silva said “if there is only one thing you get out of my training, learning to cancel your negative thoughts and feelings by using “cancel-cancel” will be worth the cost of the entire training. Once negative thoughts are canceled it is important to replace them with positive thoughts. Positive affirmations such as “I am healthy,” “I am loved,” “I am happy,” “I am successful,” “I am not the circumstances of my life,” “I am grateful for my life.”  These positive affirmations and others you may choose for yourself need to be repeated at least 10 times 3 times a day for maximum effectiveness. They may also be magnified in effectiveness when repeating them in the meditative state of the Light Meditation.

Get plenty of sleep. Sleeping 8 hours a day not only allows you to be rested but also allows your glymphatic system to detoxify your brain and bring your brain into homeostasis which is a huge step in maintaining homeostasis for your entire body. A toxic brain is slow to respond to initiating the immune system.

Stay hydrated. Your immune system cannot function well when you are not hydrated. Be sure to drink more than the minimum necessary for hydration. Stay away from alcohol, large amounts of coffee and tea, soft drinks, and even fruit drinks that have added sugar or high levels of fructose. Good old water is your best friend and should be chemical free.

Laughter is the best medicine. Bernie Siegel tells a story of sitting under the table with an 11 year old who had cancer and laughing with him by describing what was wrong with the shoes of the people at the table. This boy’s cancer showed a definitive decrease shortly thereafter. Tune in to the comedy channel, find some movies that are comedies, watch some feel good programs that have some humor and laughter, share funny stories with your loved ones.

Sunlight is your friend. We know your body creates vitamin D from sunlight. Did you know that viruses cannot exist in the high temperatures of sunlight found in Florida. Sherry Bell, a go-to holistic health practitioner, shared with me that 130 degrees will kill this virus and that our sunlight outside (not the air temperature) will help kill the virus around us and boost our immune system.  Jonathan Fuentes, a SET therapist and Ayurvedic  Practitioner, says spend as much time in the sun as you can to maximize your health.

Limit your sugar. Viruses feed on it. do not give the virus an opportune environment inside your body. Sugar can also deplete vitamins and weaken the immune system. Best case, eliminate sugar entirely from your diet. This includes alcohol, fructose, corn syrup, fast carbs, high sugar fruits, raw sugar, and any other form of sugar. The low glycemic index diet is a good source for identifying other areas where sugar is found in our diet.

Detoxify. A cleaner less toxic body has a higher immune response. Now is a great time to start using detoxifying herbs or supplements, juicing, and fasting to eliminate toxins from your body so your body’s immune system can operate at its highest level. (there will be more about detoxifying in specialty products and supplements in future installments).

Next installment will be about supplements and specialty products to boost your immune system.

Tips on Sanitizing During COVID-19 Pandemic

Tips on Sanitizing During COVID-19 Pandemic

Taking Responsibility for Our Own Well-Being During The COVID-19 Crisis:

Yes, we all are in shock and we never expected to see this day. COVID-19 presents challenges to us on many levels, and much of it seems overwhelming. We are not helpless, and we need to take personal responsibility for our own well being after which we can start helping others.

I have been thinking of ways I can help, and being a conduit of information on how you can stay healthy and help yourself is a role I am taking.  I have been reaching out to people who have information that I might not have and asking them to share it with me so I can pass it on to you.  This will be the first of many communications on ways you can take care of yourself during this crisis.  I am doing this because I care for each of you and know that you can also disseminate this information to those close to you and even more so to your clients and contacts.  I have been sharing some of this with clients who are grateful to have something they can do that is proactive.   

  • It seems that the most important thing we can do right now is not to come in contact with someone who is infected.  This is a difficult task as we have no idea how many people are walking around or even coming to our offices who may be symptom-less carriers of the COVID-19. Taking responsibility to minimize our social contacts is necessary.  This will seem extreme at times, and will vastly interrupt our normal life activities, and our minds will want to dismiss the importance of staying distanced enough not to come in contact with the virus. It will be inconvenient, it will be contra to who we are, it will seem cold, it will seem uncaring, but if we do not personally limit our social contacts we will become part of the problem and put ourselves at risk.

  • Washing our hands has never been as important as it is now.  Every time we have touched a person or an object, we need to wash our hands before touching our face or food. Things that we often touch that tend to get ignored are our computers and cell phones, and they need to be sanitized regularly.

  • When purchasing things the terminals and pens that we touch are usually not sanitized and present the possibility of transmitting the virus. Be sure to sanitize the ones that you own and wash your hands after touching the ones you encounter.

  • Every time you hand a credit card to somebody it is being touched and is a potential carrier. Sanitize the credit cards in your wallet and whenever you use one that has been passed to someone sanitize afterwards.

  • Gas pumps hold potential danger and I recommend using nitrile gloves when pumping your gas.  If you don’t have a glove immediately sanitize your hands with a sanitizer followed up with washing as soon as possible.

  • Even your steering wheel can potentially transmit the virus if you touched it after touching a surface that was contaminated. Periodically sanitize your steering wheel and car door handles as these also can be touched before you have washed or sanitized your hands.

  • Every time you touch a doorknob you are being potentially exposed as you have no idea who has touched the knob before you. Sanitize the doorknobs in your office and home and be sure to sanitize or wash your hands whenever you have touched a doorknob.

  • One of the most important is not to touch your face or eyes or nose or mouth with your hands which you might find is an unconscious habit.

These are just a few areas from your day to day life that take more awareness than you are used to taking in order for you to protect yourself. There are many more than I have mentioned here.

According to the Wall Street Journal the COVIC-19 has a lyer of fat for protection of itself. Soap washes away and dissolves the layer of fat thus making it extremely effective in killing he virus. So, washing our hands is one of our best defenses.

Ann-Marie Lancaster, a SET therapist at the Biomed Center in RI, shared this information that they have on the practice of hand washing – 

  • “Even better than using hand-sanitizer (which is out of stock most places anyway), is this tried-and-true hand washing technique. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, and with attention: lather front & back, between the fingers. Dry your hands completely – this is important. Moisturize with organic ingredients. The entire process should take a full minute.”

Here are some sanitizing and cleaning agents that are more holistic that do the job –

 IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE – when using essential oils ALWAYS check the essential oil guidelines for proper percentages of oil to water for your safety, and since there are different qualities of essential oils be sure you use only the high grade oils (not the cheap ones) in order to have the disinfecting qualities.

  • Thieves essential oil mixed with water to form a spray

  • OnGuard essential oil mixed with water to form a spray

  • Benefect Botanical Decon 30 Disinfectant (Thymol) which can be ordered from Amazon – I understand this is safe to be used on the body, too

  • Thieves and OnGuard foaming soaps

The high grade essential oils mixed with water can also be used to moisten paper towels and make wipes stored in a plastic bag that are convenient to keep in the car for disinfecting.

(REMEMBER, pay attention to % guidelines for essential oils as noted above!)

For more information on other disinfectants you can go to Dr. Mercola’s article “Clobber Coronavirus in 30 Seconds Flat.”  Here is the description from Mercola.com and the link:

My next installment will be about taking personal responsibility by maximizing your immune system.

Free Light Meditation MP3

Free Light Meditation MP3

Today we are challenged like never before by COVID-19. It has never been more important for our immune systems to be functioning at their highest. We need to release the fear and fill our hearts with love. We need to lower our stress and we need to feel connected, not isolated. The hearing light mediation addresses all three and brings our immune systems to their highest level of functioning. Even if you don’t meditate this guided meditation will work for you.

Click below to download your free copy and start benefitting from Don McCann’s incredible free light meditation.

Click here for free meditation audio.

Light meditation
mP3s free!

Expand your consciousness and begin the healing process with our Light Meditation Audio mp3s.

  • Light Meditation 9:44
  • Light Meditation to Increase Intuition 6:28
  • Light Meditation to Balance Chakras 9:20