Unraveling the Mystique Around Scoliosis with Non-Invasive Treatment for Long-Term Relief!

A scoliosis “diagnosis” conjures up all sorts of feelings, concerns, and questions, especially when children are involved. So many of the treatments can sound ominous — different types of body braces which have their own restrictions, and surgeries to insert rods which can have complications such as bleeding, infection, pain or nerve damage. The cause of most scoliosis is unknown in the medical profession. Complications from scoliosis can include lung and heart damage and breathing difficulties with the distortion in the rib cage, back problems that become chronic, and the appearance of unlevel shoulders, prominent ribs, uneven hips and shifting of the trunk to one side. (Mayo Clinic). People with scoliosis often become self-conscious about their appearance so it can become a social stigma especially for young children.

Interesting fact – everyone is born with some degree of scoliosis already forming! There is a core distortion noticeable at birth that manifests in an anterior/posterior rotation of the iliums (hip bones) and a tipping of the sacrum at the base of the spine. Since the spine does not have a level base minimal curvatures start developing at a very early age. As we go through life experiences, accidents, trauma, lack of exercise, etc., these curvature become exaggerated resulting in stress points throughout the spine causing herniated, bulging and sometimes ruptured discs, and painful symptoms as nerves become pinched. Often pain doesn’t appear until the structure falls into a collapse of this core distortion. When this is found in children during regular school screenings, a great deal of concern immediately escalates with the explanation that it will only become worse with the possibility of causing many challenges unless something is done now.

There IS an answer! Non-invasive techniques of the Cranial/Structural releases of Structural Energetic Therapy® release this core distortion from the cranium and body bringing the structure into weight bearing support and moving it into balance. Releasing the rotation in the iliums and stabilizing the relationship between the iliums and sacrum (at the base of the spine) brings a level base for the spine allowing it to begin to normalize reducing the abnormal curvatures of scoliosis — long term! Then, integrating specialized soft tissue protocols to release the soft tissue restrictions throughout the body that have been holding the body in this distortion will allow the spinal curvatures to normalize even more. These techniques have been proven to bring the body into maximum balance and weight bearing support, especially for the spine. Children often respond quickly to these treatments, and when they have growth spurts which tend to destabilize the spine, these techniques can help them maintain the improvements and allow the spine to continue to straighten rather than fall further into exaggerated curvatures. Clients with osteoporosis also respond well to these techniques! For more information, please see the 2-part series of articles on scoliosis on our website. Click here for the first one, then you can either click here for the second, or just locate it from the publications page of the website.

Fibromyalgia! A Missing Link to Relieving the Pain and Suffering Long Term!

Fact: Fibromyalgia is one of the most common types of chronic pain. It affects over 5 million patients in the United States alone. However, it is probably one of the most baffling and challenging conditions to diagnose. There is no specific lab test for it. It can’t be seen on an x-ray or confirmed by a blood test. Some say it is the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread muscle pain (see Science of Fibromyalgia). Some people have even been told “it’s all in your head!” The bottom line is usually debilitating PAIN! This pain can be severe, and it can have a significant impact on the quality of life. Simple things that are taken for granted, like working, going for a walk, household chores, and taking care of families can become monumental tasks. Symptoms also often get worse under stress or even under certain weather conditions. The two guidelines that are most often used to diagnose Fibromyalgia are chronic widespread pain that affects the right and left sides of the body above and below the waist for over 3 months, and pain in at least 11 of 18 possible tender points that are hypersensitive.

The Missing Link? The revolutionary Cranial/Structural techniques of Structural Energetic Therapy®! There is a very interesting connection between the 11-18 tender points doctors use for diagnosis, and the areas of strain patterns found in the body due to a structural core distortion that is noticeable in everyone at birth! These areas are as much as 50% weaker in muscle strength, and correspond directly to the tender points used by doctors to make the diagnosis. Since these areas are weakened they are under the most stress and collect more lactic acid, adhesion, and scar tissue which cause hypersensitivity and pain. The Cranial/Structural techniques of Structural Energetic Therapy® will bring the body into balance by releasing and rehabilitating the structural core distortion (once released it won’t return!). This relaxes these strain patterns allowing the soft tissue where the tender points were to soften and release the trapped toxicity that caused the hypersensitivity and pain. The resulting structural improvements, and the detoxing that follows, results in clients no longer experiencing the debilitating pain, having more energy, being more relaxed and less stressed, and consequently able to sleep better. After several treatments that include specialized soft tissue therapy many clients are able to return to normal life activities! Although these techniques do not cure Fibromyalgia, future attacks tend to be much less frequent, and, if they do return, they are not at all as severe and debilitating as they once were. Plus, if the attacks do occur clients find relief with only a few Structural Energetic Therapy® treatments. For more information on Structural Energetic Therapy® and Fibromyalgia please click here. So, a Fibromyalgia diagnosis is no longer a life-long syndrome of pain!

Finally! Relief From the Burning Pain and Discomfort of Acid Reflux, GERD, and Hiatal Hernia!

Acid reflux, GERD, and hiatal hernias are not only excruciatingly painful, but there can be dangerous health risks if these conditions continue to be problematic long term! There IS a viable answer that does not involve invasive procedures or medications that don’t address the cause of these conditions!

Millions of Americans are taking medication unnecessarily. The principal problem is the esophageal hiatus (the valve where the stomach meets the esophagus) which doesn’t close properly. This allows the stomach acids to flow repeatedly back into the esophagus (the tube through which food and liquids pass from the mouth to the stomach) causing a most uncomfortable burning sensation, and an irritation of the lining of the esophagus. Modern medicine’s answer is drugs to reduce the acidity in the stomach and to relax the stomach, or surgery to repair the valve.

Structural Energetic Therapy® effectively treats these conditions long term without medication or surgery! The esophageal hiatus is a sphincter valve that lies in the diaphragm, the muscle that separates the lungs from the abdominal cavity, and regulates breathing. When there is uneven tension within this muscle tissue the sphincter valve cannot close properly. This uneven tension relates directly to postural compensations. There is a structural imbalance in everyone where the rib cage is pulled further down on one side of the body — this creates the uneven tension and stress within the diaphragm that causes the improper closing of this valve. This can perhaps be more easily noticed by observing that one shoulder is lower and more forward than the other — a direct correlation to the uneven rib cage. As people age, the distortion of the rib cage increases, and so does the stress on this valve. This is why the painful burning symptoms tend to occur more frequently in older people.

The techniques of Structural Energetic Therapy® release this distortion moving the body into balance which releases the uneven tension and stress within the diaphragm. This then allows the valve to function properly even when there have been herniations. Thus, acid reflux, GERD, and hiatal hernias can be fully rehabilitated long term. People who were once dependent on medication for relief or who faced the possibility of surgery are now able to return to normal life activities drug free and pain free! This is the goal of Structural Energetic Therapy®.

Effective Treatment for Relief of Headache and Migraine Pain

Amazing how a headache can just ruin a glorious day! With so many different kinds of headaches that seem to explode at the most inopportune times, popping pills and using ice packs often become the norm in an effort to relieve these nasty symptoms. There is a great deal of written information on the causes and types of headaches in medical literature, but very little on effective treatment. Some are easy to treat, and some quite difficult. The ones that are easily treated are generally due to stress and tension, and are usually successfully relieved with a relaxation massage. Other types of headaches resulting from structural imbalances, or injuries, car accidents, and trauma, are more challenging. However, no matter what the cause, headache and migraine sufferers are looking for a magical quick fix! There IS an answer! Believe it or not, everyone is born with a structural distortion which creates instability in the spine and imbalances and weakness throughout the whole body. Accidents, injuries, aging, and life experiences cause the body to collapse further into that distortion causing pressure on nerves and inflammation, all of which often relate directly to headache and migraine pain. The ANSWER — Structural Energetic Therapy® techniques! In fact, part of this effective treatment for headache and migraine pain BEGINS in the head! Interesting! For expanded information and explanations, please click here. Relief is only a phone call away!

Finally … Long Term Relief from Back Pain

“In a 3-month period, about one-fourth of U.S. adults experience at least 1 day of back pain. It is one of our society’s most common medical problems” (NIAMS, National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases). There’s a REASON and an ANSWER! Everyone is born with an anterior/posterior rotation of the hip bones and a tipped sacrum at the base of the spine. The RESULT – curvatures and instability in the spine and imbalances throughout your whole body. Accidents, injuries, and aging collapses the body further into this distortion and into PAIN. THE ANSWER! Structural Energetic Therapy® with the Cranial/Structural techniques that release this structural distortion! Once released this distortion doesn’t return! Many people who have suffered for years are now able to become pain free returning to normal life activities! No one else teaches these techniques. Interested in learning more? Click here to read more.