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Structural Energetic Therapy® is a maximum rehabilitation modality for acute and chronic pain and dysfunction. It is the integration of the Cranial/Structural techniques with specialized deep tissue protocols developed by Don McCann. Don continues to expand the scope of Structural Energetic Therapy® techniques and applications to further enhance and heighten the level of healing of the body, as well as for children and adults with special needs. Structural Energetic Therapy® will always be a modality that is continually evolving to meet the needs of humanity – mind, body and spirit.

What sets Structural Energetic Therapy® apart from other modalities? The integration of:

Cranial/Structural Releases to initiate the unwinding of the structure out of the core distortion into long lasting balance providing structural support! (No other modality uses or teaches these techniques – this is NOT craniosacral)

Specialized Myofascial Soft Tissue Protocols to release myofascial holding patterns, scar tissue and adhesions that maintain distortions causing pain and dysfunction!

Specialized Energetic Healing Techniques to release energetic and emotional blockages that create pain, distortions and dysfunction!



Founder, Owner, Director of Structural Energetic Therapy®, Inc. since 1977
Founder, Owner, Director of the Institute of Structural Energetic Therapy®
Master’s degree in Counseling Education
Licensed Massage Therapist
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Certified Structural Energetic Therapist Trainer
Certified Structural Energetic Therapist

Don began developing Structural Energetic Therapy® in 1978 creating this revolutionary rehabilitation modality that includes Cranial/Structural Techniques, Specialized soft tissue protocols, and energetic healing techniques unique to Structural Energetic Therapy®. Don is constantly expanding the Structural Energetic Therapy® techniques as the conditions and symptoms present the opportunities. He has been in private practice since 1976, and has his practice and training center in Lutz, FL. He is the only approved instructor of his advanced Structural Energetic Therapy® techniques that are taught in the intensive one year SET Training program. He is a licensed Massage Therapist (MA3267), Licensed Mental Health Counselor (MH705), Continuing Education (CE) provider for the State of Florida and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). He is a Certified Postural Integrator, Reichian Release Therapist, and has expertise in Bioenergetics, Gestalt Therapy, Rebirthing, Hypnosis, Matrix Energetics (levels 1-4), Quantum Touch techniques, Emei Qigong, Usui Reiki, Transcendental Meditation, Sylva Mind Control, Polarity Therapy, Yoga meditation, regression hypnosis, Touch for Health, Jin Shin Do, EST, and Reconnection. He served three years as Executive President of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association, and also held the positions in that organization of Executive First vice President, the Education Standards Chair, and Provider Guidelines. He received the 1994 & 1997 Florida State Massage Therapist of the Year Award. He has lectured and taught at universities, massage schools, Florida State Massage Association (FSMTA) Conventions and Chapter Meetings, and American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) National conventions and State Chapter Meetings. He developed his one year intensive SET Training program, 12 IST (intermediate level) workshops, and Cranial/Structural Energetics. Don has published five books, instructional videos, a DVD,  a Meditation CD, and numerous articles for massage journals. Don’s sports related experience includes rehabilitation therapy for many kinds of athletes and a past staff position with the Tampa Bay Rowdies. Don is a member of the FSMTA, AMTA, and ABMP.


Pam Putnam

Member of the Structural Energetic Therapy®, Inc. Board of Directors
Director of Education for the Institute of Structural Energetic Therapy®
Training Supervisor for the Institute of Structural Energetic Therapy®
SET Office Supervisor
Certified SET Therapist
Certified SET Carpal Tunnel Therapist

Pam has been in private practice since 1998 and specializes in the Structural Energetic Therapy® techniques developed by Don McCann.  She graduated from the two year SET Training in 2001. She is also trained in Advanced SET Emotional Energy Release Techniques, Advanced SET Cranial/Structural Techniques for Children 7-13, SET Cranial/Structural Energetics, and SET Advanced Deep Adductor/Glutes/Abdominals Releases. She is a CE Provider for the Institute of Structural Energetic Therapy®, Inc for both Florida and NCBTMB. She has been assisting Don in both the IST workshops and SET Trainings since 2001, and has been instrumental in the expansion of the SET Training program. She is also the editor/illustrator of Don’s books, training manuals and all published articles by Don McCann. Pam is also trained in Neuromuscular Therapy with Judith Walker Delaney, LMT, N.I.C.S. CranioSomatic Therapy with Dallas Hancock, D.C., Active/Assisted Isolated Stretching and Strengthening with Aaron Mattes, MS, RKT, LMT, Usui Reiki, Qigong, Quantum Touch techniques, and Matrix Energetics.  She is a member of FSMTA, AMTA, and ABMP. Pam is actively involved in the expansion of Structural Energetic Therapy®, and has her private practice in the Structural Energetic Therapy® clinic in Lutz, FL.


Member of the Structural Energetic Therapy®, Inc. Board of Directors
Certified SET Therapist

Laura has been a Muscular Therapist since 2000, and graduated from the two year SET Training in 2008. She is Nationally Certified in Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), a Licenssed Massage Therapist in Massachusetts and Florida, and holds a Bachelor of science degree in Psychology and Rehabilitation Counseling from Springfield College in Springfield, Mass. She specializes in Structural Energetic Therapy® techniques developed by Don McCann, and is trained in SET Advanced Emotional  Energy Release Therapy, SET Cranial/Structural Energetics, SET Children’s Cranial/Structural Therapy to work with children ages 7-13, and SET Advanced Deep Adductor/Glutes/Abdominals. She is an assistant in the Cranial/Structural classes, the one-year SET Training, and the FSMTA Conventions. She is trained in Orthopedic Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Polarity, Usui Reiki, Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing, Matrix Energetics, and Breath Work. She is working in the SET office actively promoting the expansion of Structural Energetic Therapy®, and has a private practice at Quincy Therapeutic Massage in Quincy, Mass and in the Structural Energetic Therapy® clinic in Lutz, FL.

Susan Hayes, LMT, SET, M.ED
SET Therapist
SET Teacher Training Assistant
SET Presenter
*Se habla español

Susan graduated from the SET training, taught by Don McCann, the founder of Structural Energetic Therapy, in February of 2014, and studied at and received her massage license from SpaTech Institute in Massachusetts in July 0f 2012.  She specializes in Structural Energetic Therapy for both adults AND children (Ages 7 and up), and is also trained in Advanced Emotional Energy Release Therapy and Cranial/Structural Energetics. In addition to her practice, Susan is an Assistant Teacher in the SET classes as well as a presenter. Susan has also received training in Reiki ( Levels I, II, and III), Reconnective Healing, and Polarity. Prior to becoming a rehabilitative and therapeutic massage therapist, Susan worked as a teacher for 20 years in the fields of Special Education, Bilingual Education (Spanish and English), ESL (English as a Second Language), and Regular Education.  Her background blends perfectly with her current profession in which she can continue to assist in the development and well-being of adults AND children, just in a different capacity!  In fact, one of Susan’s goals is to one day SOON! have SET therapy offered in the schools. Susan currently practices in the SET Training Center at 134 Whitaker Rd, Lutz, FL –located just behind the SET main clinic. If you are ready for a higher quality of life without all the hype and the strife, then Susan’s ready to help facilitate that for you!!!  Susan also speaks Spanish. Susan habla español.

Barry Engh, BA, LMT, SET

SET Therapist
SET Presenter
Licensed Massage Therapist
Office Assistant / Website Administrator

Barry specializes in the Structural Energetic Therapy® techniques developed by Don McCann. In 2012 he began his study of bodywork and in 2014, graduated from the D.G. Erwin Technical center and obtained his massage license shortly thereafter (MA77593). He has also received advanced training in Structural Energetic Therapy® under Don McCann, graduating from his program in December 2016 and is trained in Advanced SET Emotional Energy Release Techniques. Barry originally started his journey into discovering the restorative power of touch in 2003 when he began studying a Japanese martial art called Aikido while attending the University of South Florida. He then obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Gerontology in 2005 and continued developing his awareness of the body’s optimal structure and function by studying Yoga to facilitate his recovery after a knee injury. He has supplemented his knowledge of the body through weight lifting, martial arts training in various disciplines and functional mobility training. He is a member of ABMP and is actively involved in the expansion of Structural Energetic Therapy® by educating therapists and potential clients on the benefits of the work through presentations in the community, helping to manage the website, and by assisting in the office. He has a private practice in the main Structural Energetic Therapy® clinic in Lutz, FL.